Brands that are good for you and the environment

At Snap Fresh Foods™ we have a wide range of products. Taylor Farms is our premium salad brand and is becoming one of New Zealand’s most trusted and market-leading brand of salad kits. Most of Taylor Farms™ salads and vegetables are grown in New Zealand. We source our products from farmland across the country. The rich, fertile soil and mild temperatures provide the perfect conditions to grow the freshest, tastiest produce.

Our other brands such as vitalvegetables™, Sproutman™, Farmer Bill’s™ and Fresh Harvest™, all conform to the highest possible standards. If you click on the brand logos below, you can get more information on our full range of products.

Having said that, we continually add new products to our line-up and we’re always looking for innovative new ideas to excite and delight our customers, which is why we have a passionate team dedicated to new product development. If you have ideas you’d like to share or feedback on our products, we’d love to hear from you. click here.