krispkut-page-image-671x6842Snap Fresh Foods is the company behind Krispkut™, New Zealand’s most trusted and market-leading brand of baby leaf salad greens.
Almost all Krispkut™ salads and vegetables are grown in New Zealand – from Mesclun and Mediterranean Rocket to melt in the mouth Cos Lettuce Hearts, our baby leaf varieties are gently picked at their optimum to reach the factory in perfect condition.


Our baby salad greens arrive at the factory in less than three hours from harvesting, where they are immediately cooled to maintain maximum crunch and freshness. Using stringent hygiene standards, the leaves are then graded, triple-washed, dried and packed, and ready on your supermarket shelves in 48 hours.

Snap Fresh Foods carries the Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) certification. This certification is your assurance that Krispkut™ salads have met strict Trans-Tasman food safety regulations and industry standards for freshness and quality.

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