Fresh Harvest

Family Salad Packs

Mealtimes are a breeze with these Fresh Harvest Family salad packs.

There are two flavours to choose from, each bursting with colour and crunch, with a tasty dressing and condiments to match. Available in Garden 340g and Greek Style 340g.

Fresh Harvest Sprouts

Eating a few forkfuls of sprouts a day is an easy and affordable way to boost your nutritional intake and ultimately improve your health. There are 8 interesting varieties to choose from, each providing a fresh and healthy filling or topping to add to your meals and snacks.

Family Salad Bags

A quick and healthy meal is never far from the dinner table with Fresh Harvest spinach and family mix.
The Family Mix is the perfect base for your favourite salads, and spinach can be used in almost any recipe at all! Don’t get caught out and make sure they’re always at the top of your shopping list!