About us, what we do and how we do it

GSF Fresh New Zealand processes and supplies premium quality fresh food products that meet the market demands for convenience, innovation, freshness and taste. Our research and development team constantly focuses on maintaining our high hygiene and quality control standards and streamlining the process of picking and delivery.

All of the industry-leading innovations that have been introduced over the past 15 years are designed to streamline our processing, to enable our salad greens and sprouts to be picked, washed, chilled, packed and delivered to supermarkets throughout New Zealand, within the shortest possible timeframe to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.

Because we control every step from the harvest to the placement onto the supermarket shelves, we can deliver quality freshness and taste that is truly world class.

Home-grown quality

Our salad greens and other food products are sourced almost exclusively in New Zealand. The fertile soil in the sunny Waikato region provides the perfect bed for our baby leaf seeds and crops.

GSF Fresh! has sanitised crates standing by to transport our baby crops via a closed loop system to keep them fresh and free of any harmful bacteria.

Once home at our processing plant in South Auckland, they are vacuum cooled for processing within three hours. GSF Fresh! is a GAP certified (Good Agricultural Practice) and follows EUREGAP (European Protocol for Fresh Vegetables), IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and is committed to bio-rational best farming practice.

Processed with absolute care

Minimal processing of naturally grown fresh foods for maximum benefit makes a lot of sense.
GSF Fresh! utilise high-tech computerised processes that control temperature, the thorough washing of our vegetables, and the slicing, dicing and trimming with a chef-like precision of our products.

All processing staff sparkle in their crisp, clean uniforms preparing, sorting and packing our baby lettuce leaves, tender carrots and delicate sprout varieties.

Management staff circulate throughout the plant to carefully monitor a high food safety standard and ensure that distribution of our tasty products is achieved within our 48-hour farm to supermarket time-frame.

It’s just like being in a big and busy hotel kitchen getting ready to serve thousands of hungry customers with high expectations of a great meal. We love it!

You can be assured that GSF Fresh! cut no corners in our processing operation as we strive to serve you with the freshest possible, safe-eating natural goodness you are guaranteed with every purchase.

Accredited and awarded time and time again for over thirty years is what makes our organisation the New Zealand market leader in the fresh salad, baby carrots and sprouts.

From harvesting to the supermarket as fast and as safe as possible

Keeping it fresh with sustainable supply chain management that is time critical.
GSF Fresh! delivery of the freshest possible product from farm to supermarket shelf operates on a distribution cycle of best practice that guarantees corporate responsibility and consumer satisfaction.

Every aspect of our distribution process relies on our attention to quality, food safety and sustainability created to protect our staff and especially you, our customer.

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