Company Milestones

Company History
Since our establishment in 1980, what is now known as the Snap Fresh Foods group of companies has evolved from a small company supplying health food stores to New Zealand’s most successful provider of premium fresh sprouts, salad greens, vegetable mixes, baby peeled carrots and co-ordinated fresh dressings.
We started as a family owned business and remain that way today.
The key milestones below will take you back through the company’s development.


2011 Major packaging review and update to reflect the Snap Brand Values
Introduction of seasonal salad blends
2010 Snap Fresh Foods established to combine the separate entities of New Zealand Fresh Cuts Ltd, Sun Sprouts Ltd and Fraisbon Foods
2008 Ashley Berrysmith represents New Zealand in the International Entrepreneur Of The Year competition held in Monte Carlo, competing against 50 countries
Ashley Berrysmith accepts invitation to travel throughout New Zealand to give a series of addresses on growing techniques to achieve sustainability
Introduced Controlled Traffic Farming with GPS tracking to reduce farm machinery movements and distance traveled. This has been a major contributor to reducing the carbon footprint
2007 Ashley Berrysmith wins Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for industry innovations
Introduced revolutionary air-drying system for baby leaf greens. One of the first companies in the world to adopt and install this technology
Introduced carboNZero scheme throughout the company, from farm to distribution
2006 Salad Shakes introduced
Greek Taverna won two gold medals at the 2006 Massey Food Awards. The innovative Grab and Go salad impressed the judges with its unique packaging and café-quality taste
New Zealand Fresh Cuts took over the management of the company’s previously contract-managed 80 hectare farm in Rangiriri and developed the property into a model farm based on the best farm systems worldwide
2005 New Hemisphere Ltd formed as a joint venture with South Island based Oil Seed Extractions Ltd to drive product development and marketing for quality New Zealand hemp seed oil
Dashboard Diner Ltd established to market fresh cut innovations to the growing Grab and Go market
2004 Sun Sprout Ltd brought back and re-established as a dedicated growing and processing company
New Zealand Fresh Cuts established to grow and process high quality salads and sprouts using state of the art systems
Fraisbon Foods Ltd and Sun Sprout Ltd restructured to focus on marketing, sales, customer service and the development of innovative solutions for the fresh cut market
Sun Sprout takes over the marketing of Farmer Bill’s Baby Peeled Carrots
2000 Fraisbon Foods establishes farms to produce and market baby leaf salads to New Zealand supermarkets. The market was ready and the move a success
1997 Sun Sprout Ltd sold
New company Fraisbon Foods Ltd formed to process and market baby peeled carrots to the New Zealand market under the Farmer Bill’s brand
1994 Sun Sprout Ltd introduces the first baby leaf salads, utilising the growing system introduced from Vitacress in the UK. Trialled in Woolworths store, the project was not a success as New Zealanders were not ready to make the leap away from traditional iceberg lettuce salads
1990 Sun Sprout Ltd successfully established sprouts as a mainstream product by installing refrigerated cabinets in Woolworths and Big Fresh supermarkets through out New Zealand
1984 Sun Sprout Ltd incorporated as a company
Sprout Man brand launched as a cartoon character
1980 The Sprout House established by a Family Trust to produce and market sprouted seeds and beans to health food retailers